Award winning: the best solar project in North America

Ritter Group USA wins the tradeshow award of the Intersolar North America 2012 together with Vanir Energy in a joint project.

Intersolar Project Award 2012

Dettenhausen/San Francisco, July 2012. – On Wednesday the 11th of July, Ritter Group USA was awarded with the Intersolar Award for the Best Practice Solar Project at the Intersolar North America in San Francisco. The Award was given for the first time in the tradeshow’s history and acknowledges extraordinary solar projects in North America.

Ritter Group USA has been applied for this price which is recognized across the industry, with a solar thermal joint project that enables a facility of the American Youth Organization YMCA to receive significant energy savings by using solar energy for heat generation. The Group accomplished this system in cooperation with the US-American Vanir Energy, LLC.

Mike DiPaolo, President of the Ritter Group USA located in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, accepted the Award at the tradeshow. „We are proud that our accomplishment at the implementation of a large-scale solar project is acknowledged with this price also by industry experts.“

YMCA-system saves more than 1.000t CO2

The implemented project is a large-scale solar thermal system which was built for the William G. White, Jr. Family YMCA in North Carolina. A local youth centre which belongs to the biggest youth organizations worldwide, the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA). The system contributes at site to the warm water heating, the heating of the facility as well as the water-heating of the pool. The solar thermal systems of the Ritter Group meet these requirements extremely well. Target temperatures of 50 to 110 degrees Celsius / 122 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit as required in the area of industrial process heat, for example, can even be achieved at low irradiation values of 400 W/m² / 200 W per 10.76 square feet – reliable, fast and with high efficiency.

The installed system consists of 210 CPC 45 collectors (Compound Parabolic Concentrator) of the Ritter Group and have a gross area of almost 1000 m². The system avoids in total the emission of more than 1.000t CO2. per year, which would have been incurred when using fossil fuels. The chairman of the Intersolar, Markus Elsaesser, emphasized this aspect in this speech as well: „This year’s Intersolar AWARD winners in the new solar project category are great examples of trends we are seeing in solar projects”, said Elsaesser. “These installations directly benefit the community with dramatic energy cost savings, educational opportunities and new jobs. They also play a key role in contributing to the amount of renewable energy on the grid, and we will continue to recognize those projects that move the industry forward.”

„Enormous saving potentials possible“

Very pleased with the award was also Jürgen Korff, CEO of the Ritter Group. „We are very excited about the positive development in the American market which is very important to us. Especially in the field of industrial process heating, there are still enormous saving potentials possible by using large-scale solar thermal systems.“ Responsible for the planning of the system was Ritter Group USA, which emerged 2009 from the former company Regasol. The business area of the company focuses
mainly on the planning and realisation of large-scale solar systems.

About Ritter Group

The Ritter Gruppe based in Dettenhausen, Swabia is the leading supplier in the area of ecological heating systems. Established in 1988, the company specialises in regenerative energy systems which can be easily integrated in existing heating systems thanks to the award-winning AquaSystem. The company is the international market leader in the area of evacuated tube collectors. Systems for private households are sold exclusively via the Paradigma sales subsidiary and installed by skilled tradesmen. The Ritter XL Solar subsidiary plans and builds large scale solar thermal systems.

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