District Heating

District Heating

Steadily low prices for many years

High-quality and long-living large-scale solar thermal systems give their operators the guarantee of stable low heating costs for a long time. Large-scale systems from Ritter XL Solar, like the currently largest system in Europe on the rooftop of the exhibition hall in Wels/Austria, offer reassuring certainty in calculation with guaranteed energy yields. And the best: with their low operating and maintenance costs operators can expect many years of nearly cost-free solar heating usage after the end of the depreciation period.

A solar system for many users

Large-scale solar thermal systems are the most environmental- and climate-friendly choice to cover the entire heat requirements of local and district heating networks in the summer, because they work emission and CO2 free. With adequate temperatures the Aqua Solar System puts the gas, oil or biomass boiler in an almost uninterrupted summer hibernation, and in addition to this it gives them a longer life. And, all that comes at a price which withstands any comparison.

Cornelia Daniel-Gruber

Solar entrepreneur Dachgold e.U. | Germany’s most popular and successful energy-blogger

"A lot of people think of electricity and photovoltaic when it comes to large-scale solar systems and forget about further, sophisticated technologies. Solar district heating with water systems like the Aqua Solar System are just at the beginning,
but have a bright future to come."

Distric Heating: References

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