Referenz der Ritter XL Solar GmbH

Markus Möll

Mayor of Büsingen

"Solar thermal energy in the summer and biomass
in the winter – that’s a unique concept. Besides
the ecological advantages, the Project has also
also a high economic value for the region:
energy costs are not being drained out
of community coffers, but
instead remain as spending
power in the region."

Bioenergyvillage Büsingen


  • Location: Büsingen, Germany
  • Solar thermal System supporting a new district heating network
  • Collector area: 1.090 m²
  • Commissioning: 20.6.2013

Büsingen am Hochrhein has a new, 100% regenerative district heating network. The project of the solarcomplex AG has model character: While in the winter half-year a big biomass boiler does the main work, the large solar system takes over in the summer half-year. In addition, a rapeseed oil kettle is available for top loads.

The solar system is divided in two nearly 500 m² collector fields in the open land and additional 100 m² collectors in the facade of the boiler house. The solar system was planned and constructed ready for operation by Ritter XL Solar.

Now Büsingen is the first German bioenergyvillage with a large solar-thermal system. The district heating network has a route length of approx. 5 km and supplies already more than 100 buildings now, among them the city hall and other public facilities. The fuel oil consumption substituted by the regenerative heating network amounts to approx. 400,000 litres in the year. With it, approx. 350,000 € of purchasing power remain yearly in the region. Also the required operating current is produced itself, with a PV arrangement on the roof of the boiler house.