Referenz der Ritter XL Solar GmbH

Christian Pfister

Energiebunker Hamburg

Hamburg Energie

“The new district heating Network  
of Hamburg Energie is part of an 
overall urban development concept.
concept. The Solar system on top of
the Energiebunker Wilhemlsburg 
convinces with both Performance & 
zero-Emission, not an insignificant
criteria in a densely populated
urban environment.”



  • Location: Hamburg Wilhelmsburg, Germany
  • Solar system to the feed in district heating network
  • Collector surface: 1.348 m ²
  • Annual yield: At least 500 MWh
  • Commissioning: April, 2013

„Swords into plowshares“: A 70 year-old bunker, constructed during the Second World War, is the center of a new district heating grid of Hamburg Energie with high ecological standards. The gloomy relict from the past in Wilhelmsburg, district of the City of Hamburg, becomes a the lighthouse project of the IBA, the International Construction Exhibition.

After completion the main part of the warmth for the District heatin grid will be generated in winter by a big biomass heating boiler, for the top load gas boilers are ready for operation. However, in the summer half-year the leading role plays the vacuum tube collectorfield above the top of the energy bunker, installed by Ritter XL Solar. With 1348 m² gross area it is the biggest system of that kind in Germany. The part of the solar heat which cannot be taken directly from the district heating grid will be feaded into the 2000 m³ big buffer vessel inside of the bunker.

The solar system was realized by Ritter XL Solar as a general contractor, mounted in the first weeks of 2013 and handed over to Hamburg Energie after commissioning. In the location Hamburg and at nearly 50-metre height 315 collectors of the type XL 34/50 P must offer not only very good specific yields, but also prove stability with wind speeds to gale force. Here Ritter XL Solar uses the wide experience with the hurricane certification of their collectors in the USA.