About us

In 2010 the firm Ritter XL Solar GmbH, based in Karlsbad near Karlsruhe in Germany, was founded as the youngest member of the Ritter Group. The focus of Ritter XL is the development, distribution, planning and installation of large- and very large-scale solar thermal systems.
The establishment of Ritter XL brings the experience and skills of the Ritter Group to the area of large-scale solar thermal technology, and is the logical conclusion of a development which had its beginnings many years ago.

In 1988, the chocolate-maker Alfred Ritter and the engineer Klaus Taafel founded the company Ritter Energie- und Umwelttechnik, under the trademark Paradigma, with the intention of introducing completely environmentally-friendly heating systems to the German market. This was prompted to a large extent by the catastrophe of Chernobyl in 1986. Not only did this disaster affect the production of Ritter Sport chocolate due to radioactive contamination of a large proportion of the worldwide harvest of hazelnuts, it also motivated the enterprising Ritter family to focus on developing an energy system which would suit the needs of both mankind and the environment.

Consequently, the solar-energy collector was a key part of Paradigma heating systems from the very beginning. Before long Paradigma also began to build larger solar installations with areas of up to hundreds of metres, although these systems still used conventional solar technology. In 2004, after several years of development, the Paradigma AquaSystem was brought onto the market. This is an ingeniously simple yet exceedingly efficient solar energy system with evacuated tube collectors, which uses water as the heat transfer fluid. The AquaSystem has now proved its worth in over 4000 small installations throughout Europe, ranging in size from 3 m² to 30 m².

Since 2006 the Ritter Group has developed the technology for extra-large solar energy installations based on the AquaSystem. This allows the construction of solar collectors of almost unlimited size and their use in existing or new thermal systems.
Due to these developments, today we’re technologically world-leading in the market for solar thermal systems with temperatures of up to 120 ºC. Worldwide, well over 150 XL Solar installations (ranging in size from 30 m² to 3,400 m²) are now in existence, including some of the largest vacuum tube collector systems in the world.   

Protection of the environment and conservation of our irreplaceable natural resources are our goals, and act as incentives to introduce solar power wherever large amounts of energy are required, be this for heating our cities or for industrial processes of any kind. We are not content to harness the warmth of the sun only in sunny climates and favourable seasons, or to supply only moderate temperatures. The ambition of our many years’ worth of work and development goes far beyond this. Large-scale Ritter XL solar installations can provide guaranteed yields of solar heat to the required temperatures all year round.

Our products have received many prestigious awards – recognition of our innovation from independent judges.

Ritter XL Solar – a team of experienced, highly skilled and motivated engineers, technicians and physicists you can count on.