The two fundamental features of our XL system are the high performance evacuated tube collectors and the use of only simple heating water (water for hot water and central heating) as the heat transfer medium in the system. The crucial advantages of this are:

  • The evacuated tube collectors allow the use of solar heating even in the winter.
  • The use of heating water makes the AquaSystem particularly simple. Because of this, connections to existing systems can usually be made with minimum expense. 
  • This technology and our experience in the planning of solar energy installations allow the construction of almost unlimitedly large collector fields.



The advantages of the Aquasystem in comparison to conventional solar thermal systems are easy to see, as the use of water:

  • Allows a simple, direct connection to the house heating system
  • Reduces the use of expensive components such as heat exchangers, ventilators, valves, pumps and control and mixing equipment.
  • Is the prerequisite for the use of a yield-optimised, and therefore smaller, storage tank
  • Avoids the high costs (both one-off and recurring) associated with anti-freeze mixtures
  • Greatly lowers the cost and time taken for start-up and repair work
  • Ensures a long lifetime of use with an almost constant performance
  • Removes all risks associated with thermal stagnation
  • Minimises the running costs of maintenance and operation

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