CPC evacuated tube collectors

Proven in use: over 1,000,000 evacuated tubes

The CPC evacuated tube is to be found in every single XL Solar module. Over a million of these tubes have already proved their excellence in operation. The tube collectors extract heat energy from sunshine using a principle that is as simple as it is refined. Every collector module is fitted with a row of CPC evacuated tubes, which convert sunlight into heat through a special absorption layer. As each tube also functions like a thermos flask, the heat is stored in the tubes for a long time and is not lost to the outside world.

An outstanding feature of our solar collectors is their long operational lifetime. Only materials of the highest quality, such as aluminium, borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and copper, are used in their construction. When in use, the collectors function with almost no wear and tear. The ‚selective absorber’, the layer which is highly efficient at converting sunlight into heat, is situated on the inner glass tube in a vacuum. This means that it is protected from all forms of weathering, and therefore accumulates very little physical damage.

  • Our collectors can be installed in the most diverse places: on flat or pitched roofs, on building façades, or on nearby green meadows!

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