Unbeatable in their economic durability

Solar installations have one huge advantage over every other design when it comes to heating – the energy comes directly from the sun for free! From the very first day, a solar plant will provide energy for decades at almost no cost. This is particularly true for our XL Solar Thermal Systems, which use CPC evacuated tube collectors. Not only is their performance excellent, they also have a very long operational lifetime and suffer almost no wear and tear whilst in use. For instance, a communal combined heat and power station requires continual supervision at great cost and will reach the end of its life after around 15 years, whereas a 15-year-old XL Solar Thermal System is in the prime of life and will provide its owner with many more years of cheap energy. This is particularly important as it is highly likely that future energy prices will rise to levels unimaginable today.  

But what about the economic side?

How long does it take for the initial investment to be regained? There’s no short answer to this, as it depends on many different factors. These include (to name but a few): financial reform, the tax situation, the location and purpose of the plant, the type of energy supply which the solar installation replaces, and above all the future rise in energy prices. These aspects must be considered in each individual case. One thing is certain for every commercial project though: after the start-up cost has been recouped, many years of virtually free energy are set to follow. In this way, a solar energy plant can be said to behave like a hydroelectric power station.