Unsurpassable: water as the heat transfer fluid in modern solar thermal systems.

No matter whether you consider its heat capacity, its viscosity, or its price, water is clearly superior to every alternative heat transfer fluid (the most common alternative is glycol). The use of water has the potential to make every solarthermal project considerably more efficient. The danger of freezing in winter has to be taken into account, but Ritter XL’s AquaSystem technology overcomes this problem with the smallest possible loss of energy. Since its release in 2004, it has proved its worth in more than 40,000 Paradigma installations, from the small-scale to collectors with areas of up to 30 m². The greater the size of the collector and the higher the required temperature, the more the advantages of water come to the fore, in particular its complete safety when stagnant. Only water can meet our requirements for the operational safety and lifetime of a solar-energy installation – no other liquid will do.